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IM is a leading provider and innovator of CFD trading, constantly pushing the boundaries through cutting-edge research and development

We aim to provide you with the best trading conditions

At Illuminati Markets, we aim to provide you with the best trading conditions, powered by both industry-leading and cutting edge innovative platforms. Our R&D efforts constantly push the boundaries of liquidity and usability to empower you to benefit from a truly exceptional trading environment.


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IM entities are regulated by Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). Clients can rest assured that they are trading with a safe and secure company.






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Where it all started

The founding members of Illuminati Market spent their early days doing what they do best: Trading. It was through this experience that they found what obstacles traders were facing while trading, roadblocks and pain points that the industry was simply not solving. Driven by the desire to solve these problems for fellow traders, they went forth to search for a solution.

The solution presented itself in the form of Illuminati Market: a company genuinely built by traders, for traders, with a vision to not only solve their current problems – but to always be one step ahead innovating solutions for their clients.


Over the past 7 years, Illuminati Group has taken huge steps towards one main goal: to continuously improve the connection between demands and solutions for global investors.


Illuminati Group reach continues to grow strongly and the company decides to launch additional offices to better serve their clients. In 2019, they opened regional offices in:


Illuminati Group, continued to attract clients from all over the world, which increased the desire to provide a more personal touch to their clients. Sticking true to their promise of providing top-notch customer service to clients, Illuminati Market launched offices in:


This year marked a huge milestone for IM as Illuminati Markets was formed - authorized by FINTRAC to deal in a suite of exchange tradeable products such as bonds, stocks and DMA services. IM saw an increasing need for wealth management services which was the driving factor to strike up an institutional partnership with BT Financial Group (a wealth management company by Australian Westpac Bank).

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